A Family Affair

For over 30 years now, J. Connelly Rental Ltd. has been your trusted choice when in need of quality and reliable equipment rental services in Ottawa.

Mr. J Connelly began his commercial endeavour at 29 when he opened a mechanics shop. In time, he and his two business partners decided to rent lift trucks and then progressively acquired the various tools and equipment that eventually led to the creation of J. Connelly Rental Ltd. At first, the company had only two employees, including Mr. Connelly himself. A few years later, Mrs. Manon Goyet, Mr. Connelly’s wife joined the staff as secretary-receptionist. Years of hard work allowed the business to grow a stable client base and establish its reputation for excellence.

30 years of experience
2000 products on offer
Delivery services available

In 2006, Mr. Connelly bought back all of J. Connelly Rental Ltd.’s shares while the company’s business continued to thrive.

In 2019, Mr. Connelly’s nephews, Junior and Jason Connelly, took over the company from their uncle. Armed with over 30 years of experience in the business and backed by a solid team of employees and technicians, the Connelly brothers have chosen to pursue the family history of excellence initiated by their uncle.

Sponsoring local hockey teams is one of the ways that the owners of J. Connelly Rental Ltd. support the family values they hold dear!