Maintenance and Repair


Our inventory boasts over 2000 pieces of equipment of all sorts. Needless to say that our team of technicians is both resourceful and very experienced! In addition to conventional mechanics, we also offer welding services to all our clients.
Be well prepared for the task ahead and avoid unwelcome breakdowns and delays. Have your equipment and machinery overhauled when not in use or during your down season.
Our maintenance services are offered on weekdays and on Saturdays.


We offer on-site emergency repair services within a reasonable timeframe, according to parts and workforce availability.
We can also, if needed, transport your equipment to our premises in order to initiate or to complete the work needed – see our Shipping and Transportation page.
We offer complete maintenance and repair services to both regular clients and entrepreneurs, Please don’t hesitate to contact us!
Our maintenance and repair services are available six days a week, weekdays and Saturdays.